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Smart Control of Automobile Screw Jack for Transport Vehicle using IOT Brusek Kumar A, ManojKumar B, Mohanaprasanth G.P 836 AvailableTHESIS
Design and Implementation of a Low Cost Solar Power Operated Smart Irrigation System using Arduino Uno Hari Karthick R, Jugin Shalow L, Nishanth P, Suthakaran P 839 AvailableTHESIS
Design and Analysis of Piston using Different Materials Nixon Paul P, Rajesh Kumar K, Veeramanikandan V, Vijay P 840 AvailableTHESIS
Analysis and Testing of a Jute,Coir and Glass Fiber Hybrid Composite Panel under Mechanical Loading Ramanathan G, Arjun Siddarthan V, Ayyappan S, Sriram R 845 AvailableTHESIS
Jute Fiber and Polylatic Acid Composite Material Mechanical Properties Validation by Numerical Methods Ashwin G, Daniel.S, Prakash S, Sabari Ganesh R 834 AvailableTHESIS
Design and Analysis of Composite Material by Using Natural Fibers Ajith M, Aswin P.R, Sanjiv V, Vignesh K 831 AvailableTHESIS
Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of TIG Welded Monel and Inconel Weldments Akash Deep Rajkhowa, Vishvapriyan K, Oliver Jack A, Muthuselvam M 832 AvailableTHESIS
Design and Structural Validation of Aircraft Wing Hari Prasad S, Kishoak Kumar T.V, Prasanth S 842 AvailableTHESIS
Performance Evaluation of Artificially Roughened Triangular Duct Solar Air Heater Ashok Kumar A, Sanjuvishaal S, Seenivasan N, Wasim Akram J 833 AvailableTHESIS
Analysis of Leaf Spring Began Goutham S, Bharath S, Manikandan S, Pradeep R 835 AvailableTHESIS
Design and Development of Automated Weighing and Packing Machine Chandru P, Kavin Kumar M, Prakash R, Praveen R 837 AvailableTHESIS
Multi-Purpose Semi Automatic Bag Filling Machine for Cereals in Mills Gokul N, Nishanth S, Sathishkumar T, Sanjayan J 838 AvailableTHESIS
Experimental Investigation on the Mechanical Properties of Carbon,Glass,Jute Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composites Muneeswaran M, Muthumani K, Sathiya Narayanan A, Vijay R 841 AvailableTHESIS
Design and Analysis of Composite Material by using Chicken Feather Bran and Carbon fibre Karthick K, Karthik K, Vairamuthu T, Vengatesh K 843 AvailableTHESIS
Design and Analysis of Composite Material by using Pineapple Leaf Fermented Spinach Babul Amarnath S, Athilingam S, Nivas V, Sivabala Raja K 844 AvailableTHESIS